6 Things I’ve Learned In The Last Year About Chickens!

6 things I've learned inthe last year about (1)

We have had chickens for a little over a year now and I have learned a few things along the way! So I thought I would share this knowledge with you!

1.You get attached!
You will get so attached to those cute little chicks, and they grow up to be hens and roosters and your STILL attached to them! I think I am even more attached then the kids are! They are just so much fun to watch!


2. Chicks die and sometimes for no apparent reason!
So this isn’t entirely true, there is obviously a reason but you don’t always know what that reason is! Many things can factor in! Chicks will get what is called “pasty but” it is where when they poop the poop gets stuck to the feathers around there but and causes them to get backed up! I currently have 9 chicks that I picked up from a local lady who hatched them herself and we have not lost one single chick! I think sometimes in the process of shipping being away from the heat lamp and the shock of being moved causes them to go into shock maybe and it kills them.
3. They follow you around!
Yup just like a dog or cat will do Chickens will follow you around! When we are outside doing chores or just spending some time in the nice weather they will just follow us around! They just want to be where we are! It is so funny! It can also be a little scary when you have a mean rooster!


Which brings me to #4!

4.Rooster’s can be mean!
We have had some mean roosters!!! One time when Shady Husband went out to check for eggs our rooster at the time took off after him and ran up his back! We got rid of him the next day! Made me too nervous with Shady Baby that he would attack him! You kind of have to show them who is boss and when they come after you DO NOT back down until he does! Teach your older kids to do the same especially if they gather eggs or feed the chickens! I have also heard that when your out there with them and your rooster tries to mount one of the hens, stop him, it shows your dominance! We haven’t tried that yet! Also making sure you don’t have too many rooster for the amount of hens you have! We ended up with 3 roosters out of the chicks we bought this year so we will be getting rid of two!

5.Free-range chickens disappear!
You’ll go out to check and they will just be gone! Mid-day or evening it doesn’t matter predators take them all times of the day! Sometimes you will see signs they’ve been taken and sometimes it will be as if they just vanished! One night we forgot to go out at dusk and lock the chicken coop and when I did get out there 2 chickens were gone! One which was my favorite Rosy! We followed feathers into our little woods and discovered whatever took her drug her up a tree! She was a birthday present given to Shady Audrey and I was sure she would be devastated! I was way more sad then she was, kids bounce back faster then adults I think!

This is Rosy!

6.Chicken feed can get expensive! ”
Having free-range chickens helps for sure because they get out and eat grass and bugs! It is still expensive though! So I am going to start making fodder for our chickens to supplement layer feed! Wish me luck on that!!

So there you have it! That is what I have learned so far! I will share more in the future as I gather new tips and tricks that work for us!

What have you learned about chickens?!


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