Local Farm Tour stop #2!


I loved spending time with Lorraine and Marty at Hughes Homestead! Their Farm was Marty’s fathers home where he lived from the age of 12 until he left for the Service! It is such a beautiful place!

The original Farmhouse Marty’s father lived in.

When you pull in all you see is green, tree’s line the ribbon driveway on both sides and you just know when you get to the end there has to be something magical, and let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint!

I love a ribbon driveway

As you pull further down the driveway you come to a set of old concrete steps up the small hill and in the background you can see 3 beehives, and a beautiful old small barn with a rusty tin roof. Swoon! What can I say I have a special place in my heart for things of the past. As you pull further down you come to their Beautiful brick home.

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Lorraine is originally from Hendricks county, she moved to Marion county and worked at St. Vincent’s for 36 years as a nurse. She was able to move and work from home doing computer work online in the education department, creating web based training programs. Last year she decided she wanted to retire, so she did. Marty works in construction, which is great for projects on the house. They moved on to the farm in 2004 and got to work, building their new home, moving the out buildings, and getting the garden in. They have 5 grand children, one of which was just born a couple weeks ago. Lorraine say’s Marty is a great grandpa, which I would have to agree with as he was great with Austin, I can also see Lorraine has to be an awesome Grandma!

Lorraine met Austin and I at the car and took us over to let her chickens out. She has around 100 chickens that are all free range! Let me tell you she has some beautiful chickens. We did a live video and it was so much fun to see them all come running out of there coops (you can check out the live video on my facebook page). Austin just loved it, he also loved the duck’s pool and thought it was a good idea to get in it! Her two chicken coops are just gorgeous, lucky chickens. As I said my heart holds a special place for all things old. They are over 100 years old and one is the original hen house on the farm.

HH21 HH22 HH25 HH23

She then took us to see her 3 beehives. I am so jealous by the way, I want bee hives! She was telling me how they were putting powdered sugar in the hives it helps with the production. She got stung that morning, but was taking it like a champ and pushing on.


They have food planted all over. There is a beautiful old apple tree, peach trees, cherry trees, necatarines, pear, and blackberries! They don’t use any pesticides or herbicides at all.

HH32 HH28

They still use the original garden that was on the homestead years ago as well as a couple more spots they have added themselves. They fenced off the garden to keep the chickens out, they still weasel themselves in there, but she says it has atleast cut it down and they aren’t all in there scratching it up at once. The old garden spot is where she has her rhubarb planted. The rhubarb was planted around the original Farmhouse and so they decided they would just plant one row of it, there is now 3 rows. They tried composting as they are trying to be more sustainable, but the chickens get into it and eat everything, they luckily also spread it around so the plants on that side of the garden do really well. Note to self: don’t let the chickens figure out where our compost bin is.

HH17 HH20 HH19 HH18

Lorraine and Marty are both master gardeners. So she took me down to see there second garden. It used to be the old pond on the farm but a sinkhole caved in and the pond drained. Having a pond there made for perfect gardening soil so they made it into their second garden. There is also a small herb garden close to the house and the bee’s were all over her basil. I just love bee’s they are so cool. If you don’t know how cool bee’s are do some research about them, seriously go! Ok finish reading first there’s some cool things coming!


Lorraine took me to the back yard to show me the fire pit area. The best part of, it is made from the original foundation of the old farm house. Isn’t it just gorgeous?! I love that they saved it and included it in there new farm together.


We then ventured into the house and met Marty on the back patio where they had coffee and Lorraine roasted coffee beans. Even though I am not a coffee drinker I love the smell of it. If you want some fresh roasted coffee at the farmers market she will grind in on the spot for you and it smells amazing. Our booths are only 2 spots from each other. They told me how you have to listen for the cracks when your roasting. The first crack is like a popcorn pop and the second is more like rice crispies cereal you just poured milk over.

HH10 HH11

We just sat and visited like old friends. Talking about gardening, rhubarb, bees, and sustainable living. There goal is to live as sustainably as they can. She sells eggs, coffee beans, food from her gardens, gluten free snacks, and dog bandanas. They have 3 cute dogs them selves.

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Lorraine’s advice for you if your wanting to do this too is to find your niche, and find something your passionate about. If your passionate about it you will make others be passionate about it too. Find your spot in the farm world and work hard on that!

Lorraine then took us on a golf cart ride to check out their nut tree’s. Austin of course loved it.

HH24 HH26

This sign hangs over the front entry of there home and sums them up pretty well! They make you feel so welcome both at there home and the farmers market, and they are truly keeping the tradition’s of family alive!


There farm is a beautiful place, they did such a good job mixing the character of the old farm with the new homestead they built together. From their adorable chickens, the bee’s buzzing, the pretty landscaping, the flowers blooming, food growing all over the farm, and the rolling hills it truly is a beautiful place to be! Thank you Lorraine and Marty for letting Austin and I come spend a couple hours with you! We had a great time, and can’t wait to visit you again.

HH9 HH15 HH16

You can Find Hughes Homestead at The Corydon Farmer’s Market on Friday nights from 4-7, so go say hi to the rhubarb lady. Follow their journey and find out what yumminess she will have at the Farmers Market on facebook at Hughes Homestead.


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